Iron is an essential micro mineral required by the body for oxygen transportation through the blood. Haemoglobin represents about two thirds of the body’s iron and if you don’t have enough iron your body, your body will not be able to produce enough oxygen carrying red blood cells. This lack of red blood cells is called iron deficiency anaemia. It is this deficiency that can make you feel fatigued and exhausted.

Iron is also required for energy production on a cellular level, is a constituent of many enzymes and can play a part in treating insomnia. It also helps with growth and development and maintain healthy cells, skin and skin tone, hair and nails, and benefits protein metabolism and the respiratory system.

Iron is also necessary for the formation on myoglobin found in muscle tissue. A deficiency of iron may lead to restless leg syndrome.

Iron deficiency can have a variety of effects on the way your body functions from your brain function to your immune system. The brain uses approximately 20% of the body’s blood oxygen. Since oxygen transportation is aided by iron, and iron is required for neurotransmitter production, a deficiency can directly impact cognitive function and concentration.

Sources of iron are legumes, lentils, soy beans, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, oysters, liver, red meat, seeds (pumpkin and sunflower), blackstrap molasses, prunes, asparagus, poultry, apricots, and eggs.

If supplementing iron is best taken with Vitamin C as it aids in the absorption of iron by the body. We recommend Trace Nutrients Iron Plus. Please contact the clinic to purchase.