About Us

Some of the difficulties we work with are:

  • Behavioural issues - including concentration, focus, and impulsivity
  • Learning - including reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, maths
  • Moods and emotions - eg anxiety, fear, anger, hypersensitivity
  • Brain integration
  • Social skills - including confidence and communication
  • Motor skills, balance and co-ordination; motor planning, sequencing and processing; endurance
  • Mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity
  • Retained primitive reflexes and undeveloped postural reflexes

At Optimal Learning we offer the following therapies:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Kinesiology
  • Primitive Reflex Therapy
Ondrej Bursik 5

Ondrej BursikBA (Psychology), Dip HSc (Holistic Kinesiology)

Ondrej is the Director of Optimal Learning Centre. On completing his BA in Psychology at Macquarie University in 1996, Ondrej undertook a two year diploma course in Holistic Kinesiology.

Ondrej currently works at Optimal Learning Centre and lectures in Holistic Kinesiology at the College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney.

Ondrej completed training in:

  • Neurofeedback assessment and analysis
  • Samonas Sound Therapy
  • Primitive Reflex Therapy
  • Interactive MetronomeAlso trained in Neurofeedback assessment and analysis procedures, Samonas Sound Therapy, Primitive Reflex Therapy (INPP) and Interactive Metronome.

For more information on Kinesiology  please visit - www.complementary.com.au