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At Optimal Learning Centre we are passionate about providing drug-free solutions to learning, concentration and behavioural difficulties.

We specialise in working with children experiencing these difficulties, including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD and dyslexia, however we work with clients of all ages.

At Optimal Learning we understand that each client is different, so provide a range of assessments and therapies that allow a program to be tailored to each individual. This allows us to address the underpinning problem/s not just the symptoms.

Clinic Services

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Kinesiology is a muscle-monitoring program which allows the practitioner to access both conscious and sub conscious information which is directly related to the stresses which prevent the body to heal itself.

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Neurofeedback (NFB)

Neurofeedback (NFB), also known as Neurotherapy or Biofeedback, is a therapy technique that presents the client with real second-to-second feedback on their brainwave activity.

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Reflex Therapy

Based on the research of Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard Blythe at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in the UK, Primitive Reflex Therapy assesses the client



Metaphors and Acupressure (MAC1)

Our Mac 1 course explores these stories, by looking into and covering some of the most fundamental stress patterns that we have experienced and often hold onto.It introduces metaphors that we can share with our clients so they can create new associations.


Metaphors and Chakras (MAC 2)

Mac 2 continues with the theme of using Metaphors for self-reflection, better understanding and healing. However we now integrate the use of balancing Chakras at the same time. The course has an overview of the chakra system and the Metaphors that are chosen.

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Harmonizing Chi Flow

This Kinesiology course is based on the research and work of Japanese physician and respected researcher Yoshio Manaka. Ondrej Bursik wrote this course over four years with the help of Acupuncturists trained in both Chinese and Japanese approaches to working with chi flow and disharmony.


Crystal Kinesiology

The use of crystals for healing has been used for as long as we can remember. They are referred to as one of the seven precious Substances in Buddhism, mentioned over 200 times in the bible, seen as power stones of the shamans to the Native Americas.