Did you know that there are literally tens of thousands of chemicals in use in the western world? The US has over 80,000 known chemicals is use. These chemicals, some which are natural and many man-made, can be toxic and often make their way into the body. For example this can be through breathing them in, ingesting them through foods, drinks and drugs, they can be absorbed through the skin and even passed on to a foetus through the placenta. Scientists estimate that the average adult has between 400-800 man made chemicals in their body.

The human body has organs and systems in place to deal with these toxins, such as the kidneys, liver, large intestine, lymph system, lungs and blood. But with current levels of pollution that we are exposed to daily they can become overloaded and rather than the toxins being excreted they can remain in blood, fat, bone, muscles, brain and other organs.

The health implications of a toxic build-up are many and varied. They may range from allergies and hay fever type responses, skin irritations and dermatitis to asthma and other lung conditions. It can impair brain function and memory, affect attention, learning, and IQ. Toxins can interrupt normal hormone function and interaction within the body, and these effects can be very widespread including issues with fertility, mood, sleep, energy, blood pressure and blood sugar regulation. In more severe cases it can lead to immune system dysfunction and cancer.

Eliminating these toxins from your body is a process that can take some time and effort. The first step is to try to remove the source of the pollutant/s. This may involve things such as dietary and lifestyle changes. Detox foot patches can also be used and are a simple, safe and effective way of helping detoxify your body. The foot patches, which are based on the ancient therapy of reflexology, contain herb, mineral and other plant ingredients that are specific to eliminating toxins. Using foot patches overnight, along with increased water intake, gentle exercise and adequate sleep can improve health and well-being in many ways. This includes improving sleep and reducing fatigue, reducing joint pain and swelling, alleviating headaches, improving metabolism and digestion, and improving mental alertness, concentration and brain function. Optimal Learning Centre recommends Acupeds Foot Patches due to their high quality ingredients and effectiveness. These are available for purchase through the clinic. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of foot patches.